10 Countries That Produce the Most Beautiful Babies

Every country has their fair share of beautiful babies that make you say, “Awww, look at that cute little baby, I just could just eat you up!” Some countries just seem to produce the most beautiful babies that can cause an army of old ladies to go on cheek pinching missions.

To save you the time and effort of flying around the world searching for the cutest babies, this list of the top 10 countries that produce the most beautiful babies is your ticket to adorable sights. Let’s take a look at some of those countries that really deliver it when we ask, “Where them cuties at?”

10 Canada


They’re sorry, really they are. But they shouldn’t be this time as they do have the cutest little babies any mother could ever hope to have! Ranging from all sorts of ethnicities, Canada’s mosaic has resulted in some of the cutest babies.

In fact, Canada holds baby competitions every year to find Canada’s cutest baby. What a sight to see, keep it up Canada!



If you’re into logical thinking like Indians are, you’d probably agree when we say India has a better ratio of producing beautiful babies, simply because of their population. And thank God for statistics, because Indians totally didn’t disappoint! The country has a ton of beautiful babies, so much so that little cuties can be found in every corner of the country.



Now, we’re headed down under to find the cutest babies this side of the globe. If you’re down to seeing the cutest babies from the lucky country, then you’ve come to the right article. Australians just have the cutest, animal-loving babies you’ll see anywhere in the world. It’s in their natural, chubby Aussie blood. Just take a long look at the cutie above.



Brazil is another country full of cuties. Brazil is home to many different cultures from European settlers (mainly Portuguese) to Japanese, Mid-Eastern and African peoples. Not to mention the 222 different indigenous tribes that live in Brazil as well, this means there’s a large amount of cuties being born from Sao Paulo to Manaus.



It’s more fun in the Philippines! The most happy-go-lucky people on Earth are sure to produce some happy-go-lucky kiddos who frolic around everywhere! With their bloodline mixed from Spanish to American to even Japanese (and a lot more known roots to list), the Filipinos are surely expected to deliver the cutest diverse babies!



Japan as we know it is already full of cute things that we more often than not, see on T.V. Japan has a rich history and the Japanese start many trends enjoyed around the globe in fashion, film and business, is it any wonder they also bring baby cuteness?

United Kingdom


It’s cu-TEA time as we take a stroll around Trafalgar Square, England and gawk at their unbelievable cute babies who are just royally adorable on so many levels! Britain has a number of babies with known ties with blue-bloods and aristocrats, so it’s very likely that the babies here are good looking!

Besides, we all know that babies are the princes and princesses of every house, so really, you don’t have to be a Brit to have “royalty” in your home.

South Africa


These babies just warm your heart with their cute faces and soft cooing. If you’re from SA, you probably know what we’re talking about. From Cape Town to Johannesburg, and all around, you’ll find chubby cheeked babies and beautiful people. With diverse cultures within the South African borders, you’re sure to find some of the world’s cutest babies around.



France is known for its captivating landmarks and tourist attractions, but what folks don’t know is that the country also produces a lot of lovely babies with adorable little smiles. Need we say more? Just Google “French babies” they’ll have you awww-ing before you can say “Baguette.”

United States


Surprised? Of course not! The United States produces so many cute babies that Facebook is probably having technical issues with the amount of cute and cuddly baby pictures flooding it every minute! The US hosts a lot of baby pageant events (and they take it to heart too). They also have model-like parents that were just the cutest little things when they were babies.

Finally, the US is racially diverse with a huge population, so the tendency of all those people to conceive a really beautiful baby is highly likely. All babies in the world are beautiful. These countries just happen to produce the most beautiful babies in the world. If your country didn’t make our little list, don’t fret, your baby will certainly be gorgeous!


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