BEWARE! ‘Game of Thrones’ spoilers are back, and there’s BAD news for Winterfell!

SPOILER ALERT! Game of Thrones season 8 is almost a year away, but the spoilers have already reached the fan club – thanks to Lord Varys secret birds. Let’s just say that the fans aren’t happy.

he announcement of Game of Thronesseason 8 has already broken millions of hearts for two reasons — first, it is going to be the last season of the popular television series and second, the royal realm has gone on a year-long sabbatical. However, there’s another major reason that is giving viewers a reason to detest the show.

Well, the fantasy drama – expected to release by April 2019 – has been in the news and has created quite a buzz on social media for some huge spoilers that have come straight from Winterfell. If the secret ravens coming from Northern Ireland are to be believed, there’s some chatter about Dracarys having burnt the whole of Winterfell. But, is that true? See for yourself!


Twitterverse is boiling in anger, and coming up with various fan theories as to what must have happened that instead of snow, Winterfell is full of fire. Did Jon Snow and Daenerys’s relationship take a wrong turn? Where is the three-eyed raven, and his prophetic powers? Are Sansa, Arya and Bran still alive? Read some reaction


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