Game of Thrones season 8: Star spills all on HUGE Sam Tarly change ‘He’s a rule-breaker’

GAME OF THRONES season eight may not hit television screens until 2019 but John Bradley has opened up about the major changes in his character Samwell Tarly.

As the actor is busy filming the final series he has reflected on his time on the show noting that Sam has become a lot braver.

“When he first arrived he was a source of great mystery and frustration and he incurs the wrath of people because he’s arrived at a place that’s very inhospitable and he’s expect to physically fight and physically survive,” the 29-year-old commented.

“He’s completely ill equipped for life up there. It’s only when he explains that he’s in an impossible situation because his father hates him so much and has basically told him, ‘Go there or I’ll kill you!’

“That’s when you realise what it’s like to be this man; he doesn’t know where to turn, or has any choice in life. He’s displaced.”

But following Sam’s first appearance in season one he has become more of a fighter and isn’t as scared to break rules.

“These characters are very detailed and from moment to moment you’re in a different place,” John continued in an interview for 15 Minutes With You.

“When Sam goes home to his family in season six that’s him in a very different environment to what he’s ever been before.

“Sam is forbidden to have a wife so she’s [Gilly] not my wife. But he’s a rule-breaker; he’s very subversive in his own low-key way.”

The star also noted that his character divides fans, noting: “Women seem to like him but a certain type of man doesn’t like to be reminded of their own vulnerabilities and they believe that men should be super strong and super stable.

“Men like that really hate characters like Sam. The thing about the character that I find interesting is that people say, ‘You turned brave.’ I think he was always brave.”

Game of Thrones will return to Sky Atlantic in 2019. 


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