Michelle and Malia go to yoga in Hawaii Christmas trip….See Photos

The Obama family is having fun and staying fit while on their tropical vacation to Hawaii this week.

Former First Lady Michelle and Harvard University freshman Malia were spotted during a sweat session at Corepower Yoga in Kailua on Wednesday, photographs captured by TMZ show.

Malia is seen sporting black and orange gym shorts with a matching tank top as she carries an exercise mat through the studio, which also appears to serve as a shop.

A smiling Michelle is pictured chatting with other yoga goers while wearing black tights and a tank top with a ball cap.

The youngest Obama, Sasha, and former President, Barack, did not appear to be in  attendance to the session.

Meanwhile, a video posted to social media shows Barack greeting locals and getting serenaded by them afterward.

Bells are heard ringing as he shakes several hands and says: ‘I hope you guys have a wonderful Christmas.’

One of them can be heard telling him, ‘We love you so much!’ while another adds, ‘thank you so much!’


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