Things You Should Absolutely Avoid While You Are On Your Period

There are quite a number of things that adds to the amount or level of discomfort women feel while on their periods that most of us are not aware of. When it come to  “that time of the month”, some women are blessed with an easy period, but other’s go through a really tough time.  If you are one of those ladies that is dealing with painful periods, there are some things you mustn’t do.

1. Having Unprotected Sex – It is highly recommended not to have a sexual intercourse while you’re on your period. However, if you decide to do it anyway, make sure you use a protection in order to avoid infections.

2. Skipping Meals – Skipping meal at this time of the month is a bad idea. You are losing a lot of blood, so you need to eat properly to keep your energy levels up.

3. Physical Work – In case you suffer from stomach or back pain, make sure you avoid any physical work. This way you will prevent further complications and more pain.

4. Eat Fast Food – You can eat more than usual, but make sure it’s not junk food. Also, eating fast food in the middle of the night might seem like a good idea, but your stomach may disagree with you.

5. Work – For many women this is impossible. But if you can stay home for one or two days while you’re on your period, that would be a great idea.

6. Staying Up All Night – Going to bed early is very important for your health. Also, when it comes to periods, you will pass them with less problems. Moreover, your body produces a hormone called melatonin in the early part of the night. This hormone plays a vital role for numerous segments of our health. Disturbing the production of melatonin can cause serious negative consequences.

– Avoid soda water.

Avoid drinking ice water (there is a possibility that menstrual blood may remain in the uterine wall).

Avoid eating cucumbers (some substances that are found in the cucumber can cause some stay in the uterus walls).

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