Things You Should Never Do to Your b0obs


1. Wear A Bra That Is Too Small

It is estimated that only one out of every four women wear the correct bra size. In most cases, the bra is worn one to two sizes too small. Many women, feel the smaller bra enhances the shape of their breasts. For some, it creates cleavage that wouldn’t normally be present. While they are concerned with their body image and appearing sexy, they could be harming their breasts for their vanity. Experts state that wearing a bra that is too small can cause irritation to the tissues. It can also cause a great deal of discomfort.

New studies show that wearing a bra that is too tight is a cancer risk. The restriction of blood flow to this area, causes scar tissue to form. The scar tissue has a higher likelihood of turning into cancerous cells. Additionally, the lymph fluid drains from the breasts and down into the armpit area. Having a tight bra can restrict the flow of this vital fluid. Not allowing the lymph fluid to properly drain, causes a back-up of toxins in the brea*st.

2. Nipple Piercings

One of the problems with nipple piercing is a greater risk of infection. If a nipple becomes infected, the infection can spread fast. The infection will travel through the nipple ducts and into the lymphatic system. This infection can spread to the bloodstream, and it will make you very sick. Avoid any nipple piercing. The risks are too great.

3. Removing Hair and Warts from The Breasts

No woman wants hair or warts on their breasts. However, they are especially prone to form around the nipple area. Getting them removed on a regular basis can cause great harm. Each time these foreign objects are removed, the skin becomes thicker. The hair may also become more visible, and inflammation is commonplace after these procedures.

4. Pinching The Breasts

During lovemaking, many women like to have their breasts pinched. Any harsh movements can cause damage to the brea*st tissue. The nipple area should especially be avoided during recreational activities.

5. Running Without A Bra

Today’s woman is very active. They love to run, partake in yoga, or other forms of exercise. Going braless is very popular these days. However, the bra helps to protect the tissues of the breasts. It can cause severe damage if you were to allow breasts to bounce so harshly. A sports bra is more comfortable for exercise. It has more support, and it won’t cause the lines and irritation of a regular bra.

With one in eight women developing brea*st in their lifetime, there is no room for error. Special precautions must be taken to ensure your breasts are healthy. With a few alterations in your routine, you can ensure your brea*st health for years to come.

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